Success speaks its own language!

Communication for your business, agencies, NGOs and public projects

Content Management

Quality, not quantity! There are enough cheap and boring texts on the internet. 

Optimize your communication with customers and business partners. Rely on content with concept – for websites, customer support, blogs, and more. 

With ability to think strategically and conceptualize creatively: Complex and complicated wrote technical documentation such as software manuals and other product manuals I adapt for you in an easy to understand, stylistically consistent tone of voice.

Each text is adapted for your service, your products and your target audience. I bring your business to the point.

PR- & Marketing content

Set an exclamation mark and inspire customers! You do not recognize successful PR and you do not forget good advertising.

I offer you high-level concepts, creative ideation and copywriting for a wide range of brand, communication and marketing deliverables that accomplish business objectives.

Optimize your strategic communication for your marketing: make your product easy to understand and the right tone of voice for your customers. Be informative and win customers: From advertising flyers to PR brochures and real estate exposés to PR blog posts.

Knowlege Marketing

Organizing valuable company knowledge and designing output for successful customer support! Successful knowledge management is an important component of corporate communication.

With the background of many years working in a global e-commerce company, I go with you through workflows, e-learning and projects and develop together with your team a successful content strategy for your company as well as a clear communication with your customers.

Editorial and press content

Always being up-to-date, innovative and informative: I write journalistic content, press releases and interviews for you.

In brochures, book projects (textbooks, yearbooks, jubilee editions, etc.) and other publications, I bring content, structure and a common thread. I coordinate the authors and work with them on an overall concept that works.

As a science journalist, I quickly work on the subject matter and write editorial contributions for your company on all sorts of topics: from medicine, IT, fashion, movies, arts to start-ups and wind turbines to major construction projects. Do not hesitate to ask me!

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”

– Mark Twain

“Content is king.”

– Bill Gates.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

More Services

Of course, I cover a wide range of content and knowledge management as well as journalism.


I localize (approved) translated content for the German-speaking market and I tune it up. I speak English fluently with my foreign clients.


Manuals / Instructions

I customize software manuals / manuals B2B & B2C from the (German) technical language into a simple user language and put systems through their paces.


I do research for your company and journalistically prepare scientific content. For your publications or guest contributions for external journals.


Advertising content

What can I do for you? A quick claim, a crisp five-line or a sloppy slogan? Good advertising is when you notice it later.


Speeches / lectures

As a former spokesman, I’ll write you a customized speech that appeals to your audience across all channels. I train you in individual coaching for your presentation.

Social media

Stand out from the crowd: I create SEO optimized texts from descriptions to blog posts for your online presence on Instagram, Facebook and co (exception: community management).

This is My Process for a succesful cooperation

Take this as a suggestion!

1. 1st Briefing

Get in touch with me and we discuss all the important requirements for a price offer, such as time frame, scope, type of content, target audience, etc.

2. Price offer

Based on the briefing, I will make you an offer with package, which includes a free two-fold textual revision (as needed). For extensive projects: new customers pay at least 50% in advance.
Customers from abroad pay 100% in advance. See my T&C’s.

3. Second Briefing (e.g. Skype meeting)

Here we go into depth and discuss all important details / background information, motifs, drafts, strategy.

4. Content draft

I will deliver a first text draft in the agreed time frame. We talk about it and depending on the request, a fine tuning takes place. Et voilà – your content is completed.